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What is tarot reading? (Life counseling) 

A tarot reading is a system of laying out tarot cards to obtain specific information.

In the family, in relationships with people, at work and in many things with which we have to do in everyday life. Sometimes external media help is necessary in order to see things clearly, to resolve internal conflicts or to answer open questions.

What is astrology?

Astrology is indeed an extremely interesting and exciting topic and, if used sensibly, can enrich life. As a means of self-knowledge, a way to understand yourself better, to recognize your own temperament, character traits or existing talents (astrology is unbeatable here).

What is numerology? 

Each of the numbers has its own personality and character in numerology, i.e. you have a certain number of qualities and properties that make them unique and unmistakable.

Numerology is the study of numbers that reflects an inner state and an inner being. It refers to the letters, numbers and combinations of a person's name and date of birth and reveals the true traits and character. 

For a personal private reading you must be over 18 years.
Please do not contact me or hire my services in the hopes of developing some sort of personal connection. This is not why i’m here. 

Astrology, tarot reading and numerology is also very efficient and
helpful for business / business:

  • Business analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • Employee analysis
  • Customers / suppliers
  • Contract or conclusion analysis
  • Annual view